WayneDalton spring system

Did You Hear A Loud Bang?

When one of these springs break you will still hear a load bang but you won’t be able to visually see the broken spring.

Wayne Dalton Garage Doors

Wayne Dalton doors have a very unique spring system.  However they are not built with the same structural integrity.  The springs are much smaller which means less life cycles and the drums with the cables are made out of plastic.

Test To See If Spring Is Broken.

One way to find out if your spring is broken, close the door and pull the emergancy cable.  If the door is heavy to lift and wants to drop down really fast most likely your spring is broken.

Wayne Dalton Conversion Kit

Wayne Dalton Conversion Kit

We always recommend doing a conversion to your old spring system.  We call this a Wayne Dalton Conversion Kit. A new shaft, exterior springs, end bearings and cast aluminum drums replace the old cheap parts.  This conversion will give your door a higher cycle life than your previous system and does not cost much extra for this new system.


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