Garage Door Came Off The Tracks. What Should I Do?

Don't Attempt To Repair Your Garage Door, Leave It To The Professionals!

  Unfortunately accidents do happen.  When you experience a garage door fall out of the tracks and it’s just hanging on by a couple of rollers, don’t touch the garage door.  Garage doors are very dangerous and if not care full they can kill you.  There are 75 thousand injuries a year in North America, and many of those injuries are fatal.  

  Do not attempt to repair the garage door with out a senior technician present, in most cases the door can be brought back to its original operating position with out damaging the panels.

  This garage door came off the tracks from closing down on a shovel propped in the way.

Frayed Cables

After many cycles of opening and closing the cables on the garage door will start to fray and snap off.  This will make the door tilt to one side causing the garage door to bind on one side when it opens and closes.


You Can Do

To Help The Garage Door Run Smoothly.

Garage Door Hinges And Rollers

Garage door hardware such and hinges and rollers need to be lubricated regularly. If your garage door is being used twice a day you will need to lubricate every 6 months. When garage door parts are not lubricated properly the bearings in the rollers will wear down much faster. The hinges need to be oiled as well, this is important , because the stem of the roller needs to slide in and out of the hinge smoothly to allow the panels to travel evenly when the tracks start to widen.

Lubricate The Spring

Springs are very important to lubricate.  when garage door springs are neglected for long periods of time they will start to rust or bind together.  If you here a loud binding noise from the springs when the door is operating they most likely need to be lubricated.

Fluid Film
Is The Best Product For Your Door

Fluid Film is a great food grade safe aerosol oil lubricant.  Once the product is applied it will bubble and make its way into al the small crevices. Then after 24 hrs the product will be tacky stopping it from dripping on any unwanted areas. 

Do Not Use WD-40 On Your Door

WD-40 is a rust inhibitor, it breaks free rusty corroded metal nuts and bolts.  A common mistake many people make every day.  After a day or two WD-40 will have evaporated away leaving no oil lubricant for bearings and other metal on metal parts.

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