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Here is a live video of a torsion spring breaking under high tension. This is a simulation of what happens when an old spring breaks after its life cycle.

Garage Door Spring Repair

You may have noticed loud bang or snapping sound from your garage when the spring breaks.

Garage door springs can break even when the door isn’t actively being operated. When a spring snaps while the door is closed and not attempting to open, homeowners may hear the issue rather than see it.

"HELP!... My Garage Door Won't Open!"

Most people have no idea they have a broken garage door spring until they try to leave the house. When you hit the opener and the Garage Door Won’t Open any further than 6″, you probably have a broken spring.

The reasoning behind this is because the garage door opener senses the extra force needed, and stops. This is a safety feature that is included in many openers and is actually great to have because it prevents damage to the opener and the garage door.

Does It Look Like Your Cables Are Broken?

When a garage door repair company receives a phone call about a broken spring, one common thing the homeowner says is “my cables are broken”. This makes a lot of sense considering they will fly all over the place and get disconnected when a single spring breaks.  The reason the cables come lose is because the single spring is holding the tension.  When it breaks, the cables become lose because there is no tension on the spring.  It’s not common for the cables to break when a garage door spring breaks. On garage doors with two springs, the second torsion spring will keep the drums and cables tight. You will have to inspect the springs to see if one is broken.

Broken Torsion Spring With A Big Gap.

When the torsion springs are wound up,  they can stretch an extra 3 inches in length. After winding the torsion spring the winding cone is fastened to the torsion shaft, so that it can rotate the drums and wind up the cables when the door raises. The springs are fastened to the shaft, when the garage door springs break they retract leaving a 3″ gap. If you see a gap in your spring, you most definitely have a broken one and we advice you to call us at your favorite Spring King Today!

Is The Top Of Your Garage Door Bent?


“My automatic opener tried to open the door and it bent the top of my door”.  Electric openers may warp the top section of the overhead garage door when trying to open, depending on the manufacture for example Wayne Dalton. This is common if the open force setting is set to high on the circuit board of the opener. This is a safety feature that prevents situations like this from happening. If your garage door only opens 6” and you have a broken garage door spring, remember, it could have been worse!

Spring King Door Care.

During every service call we do a thorough inspection of the garage door. We look for any broken or loose parts that may have worn out over the years of use.  All garage door parts are then lubricated including all hinges, rollers and springs to insure your door will run safely and smoothly.


Which Garage Door Spring System Do You Have?


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